Circuits are Fun!

Hello Orbit fans,

All is well in the world of satellites! We had our weekly work party today, and things went great. Our Power Team was hard at work prototyping and testing the circuits that make up our satellite’s electrical system. Once that’s done, we’ll be able to design them in permanent Printed Circuit Board (PCB) versions, which we’ll be able to fabricate ourselves with UBC Engineering Physics Department’s PCB milling machine! It’s access to resources like this that allow us to flourish as a team, learn as individuals, and gain practical experience that sets us up well for whatever we might like to do. Thanks Eng Phys!

Amit and Lucas from the Power Team, applying heat to seal an electrical connection.

These circuits include Buck and Boost Converters to convert voltage levels to what we’ll need for our various subsystems, circuit sensors to allow the satellite to gauge its power usage and temperature sensors to ensure that our battery doesn’t get too hot or cold (which really affects its performance!) I’ll include more information about satellite Power Systems in our next Educational post. For now, here’s a closeup of the circuit board in all its glory:

Our prototype circuits.

We’re coming up fast on the final deadline of the inaugural Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, and it’s been quite a ride so far. We’ve come far as a team and learned more than we ever imagined! We’ll be working right up until then, so stay tuned for more updates and Orbit news!

Stay charged,

-The Orbit Team

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