October is the Month to Get Busy!

For UBC Orbit at least.

I have no doubt that it’s going to an exciting month. There’s designing to do, things to buy, and satellites to put together. (Okay, maybe we haven’t gotten to that last part yet… but soon enough, I swear!) Here’s a little update on what we’ve been doing:

Our Project Manager Hyun and Executive Officer Bryan are super busy (which engineering student isn’t?!) but just today they met with the head of Integrated Engineering to discuss a sponsorship, and, due to the abundant number of IGEN students that are involved with Orbit, we’ve gained a new sponsor!

We’d like to take the time to thank all of our sponsors, thank you so much for your support, we can’t do it without you!

An exciting event was held by Orbit this past week: our Satellite (and Structure) release event. It was very successful and many curious students stopped by to see what we were up to.

IMG_20141010_220856Some of the beautiful members and passerby’s that stopped by. Featuring a Yagi-Uda antenna in the middle

The exhibition showcased some of the equipment that the first generation Orbit Team bought and built for the competition. By holding this event, we were able to show team members, as well as interested passerby’s what UBC Orbit is really aiming towards!

IMG_20141010_221134The giant group of people interested in UBC Orbit.

It was an awesome event, and we’re definitely going to hold more. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by; your interest fuels our passion and makes us work even harder.

Let’s go Orbit, T-Minus 9 weeks, we can do it!

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