MDA Corporation

Hey Orbiters,

UBC Orbit had another event/trip this week that went amazingly! The people at MDA Corporation (one of Canada’s biggest satellite companies) were nice enough to give us a little tour of the company.

The whole group was first brought into the operations office for the SAPPHIRE Satellite. SAPPHIRE is Canada’s first military satellite. It was launched back in 2013, and it’s designed to monitor space debris in orbit within a certain distance from the earth. We were shown pictures of the satellite as well as how day-to-day operations were being done (it’s surprisingly very automated!). Regrettably, photos weren’t allowed due to the sensitive information that was being dealt with.

After touring the operations office, we were brought down into the Jakarta meeting room, where we were shown a presentation about satellites and given some pointers on how to start with ours. This went by pretty quickly, however, and then it was Q&A time. Our project manager Hyun, as well as a bunch of other members were very prepared with a lot of questions! The people at MDA were amazing, and answered all of our questions with little hesitation. It was very helpful for our team to grab pointers from these professionals. We now have a list of questions and answers that Hyun took note of, so everyone on our team can access the information.

1902848_10154695955010591_3913718202634430340_n  UBC Orbit with 2 of the MDA Engineers that answered all our questions [Photo Edited by Sahba El Shawa]

We can’t wait until our next event! Until next time…

– UBC Orbit Team

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