Over the past few months, the executives at Orbit have been working hard to secure funding for our two year satellite project. As some of you may know, the team was faced with a major problem at the beginning of this year because most of the students who were on the team in the past had either graduated or left the team to pursue other interests. This left our Project Manager with two tough jobs on his hands: recruitment and funding.

Needless to say, Orbit is climbing at a very fast pace! We now have almost 70 members, and we’re working extra hard to secure funding. Here’s where the good news comes in. Evan, our vice-president and PR representative, has been Orbit’s liaison when it comes to sponsorship, and he has recently secured us sponsors from SolidWorks, ORBCOMM and Altium! [All our sponsors are listed here. We at Orbit would like to thank each and every one of our sponsors. Thank you for supporting our project!]


SolidWorks has generously provided our whole team with licences for the SolidWorks program, which we will use to design various parts of our satellite (like the structure, for example.)

ORBCOMM has generously provided the team with various hardware components that will be a part of our finished product.

And last but not least, Altium has provided us with licences for their EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Software. We are super excited, as this is the same software that many industry professionals also use! (Particle Physics Laboratory, TRIUMF, uses this exact same software).

We can’t wait to build something great for everyone to see!

– UBC Orbit

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