Our satellite building is under way and it’s looking so great! Our subteams have been working really hard the last couple of weeks; we have all had individual tasks to work on. Today was a milestone because it was the first time we put components from different subteams together! The executives worked hard tonight assembling the tentative prototype.

Here are some photos from all our hard work!

2014-11-14 18.20.26

The tentative body of our prototype satellite. Isn’t she a beauty? Currently the body is made of cardboard because, sadly, the materials we want to use have not arrived yet. Not to worry, they’re coming soon!

2014-11-14 19.53.29

The wonderful group of admins that spent their Friday evening putting together the satellite!


Measuring the specs of the satellite’s dipole antenna


One of the satellite’s dipole antennas


The antenna met our frequency requirements of 435 – 438 MHz resonance

Get excited everyone, we’re SO close to finishing!! 

See you all next week; love from the stars,

– UBC Orbit

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