UBC Orbit

A1 fUBC Orbit is a student design team at the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia composed of over 45 students from a variety of programs. Our team members range from first year students to graduate students, and work with our excellent group of advisers and sponsors to produce amazing results.
Together we are building a space ready satellite for 2016 as one of over 10 student teams from various universities across Canada competing in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC). This satellite will act as a technology demonstration for the Thunderbird mission, a constellation of six satellites that will provide extremely high update rate, moderate resolution Earth imagery to identify macro-phenomenons such as droughts and forest fires.
cubesat imagePotential sponsors are advised to read the information on the sponsors page to discover how to get the most out of their partnership with UBC Orbit. Individuals or organizations interested in collaborating with UBC Orbit on the Thunderbird mission should submit their information through the contact us page.