About the CSDC


The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) is a competition open to universities across Canada to design and build an operational CubeSat, whose mission is to do scientific research from Low Earth Orbit. The best submission will actually be launched into orbit! Since the winner will be going to space, all entrants’ satellites must be fully certified for spaceflight by the Canadian Space Agency and its guidelines.

The CSDC also requires that entrants reach out to the community by educating the general public about spaceflight and satellite systems. Orbit has visited schools and gone to events to show off what our team has done and what we can do. To request a presentation, please contact us.

The CSDC is a bold and innovative program which advances space education in Canada, inspires students to pursue science and engineering educations and careers, and prepares tomorrow’s leaders with the interdisciplinary teamwork skills which are necessary for success.

More information can be obtained at the competition’s website.



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