Academic Resources for Teams

The Royal Military College of Canada has agreed to supply all course material for a Spacecraft Design course which has been offered by this college for many years.

Software Resources for Teams

Teams which participate in the CSDC will have access to licences for the following software packages:

  • Satellite Toolkit (STK), from Analytical Graphics Inc – Satellite mission modelling, analysis, and visualisation software
  • SolidWorks, from SolidWorks Corp. – 3D design, simulation, and engineering analysis software.
  • NE NASTRAN, from NEi Software – Advanced Finite Element Analysis software
  • FEMAP & FEMAP-TMG, from Maya Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd – Heat transfer simulation and analysis software

Industry Support

We have support from leading space agencies in Canada, such as:

The complete list of supporters can be found here.

These companies are willing to provide support by helping us find mentors and opening gateways of communication to find the leading expert of a particular field. This provides us the opportunity to talk directly with the employees while creating networks and further our knowledge in this field.


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