The UBC Orbit team was out in full force on UBC’s Imagine Day, the welcome fair where new students become acquainted with UBC’s clubs and student teams. It was a success and several new team members were recruited.


Khalsa Elementary School – February 2011
“One of the goals of the UBC Orbit team is to get more students interested in engineering and science. The students expressed their interest in space by coming up with creative ideas to solve our question of how to play hockey in space. One of the students came up with the idea of using magnets in the puck and hockey stick that would repel each other. I really enjoyed how the students interacted with our UBC Orbit team members. I’m looking forward to another Outreach presentation.”

– Amy Cheng, President of UBC Orbit

Mt. Slesse Middle School – January 2011
“We had the opportunity to go to Mt.Slesse Middle School in Chilliwack BC and speak to about forty ninth-grade Technology and Science students about the Canadian Space Design Challenge, and all the challenges that go into building a nanosatellite. The experience was incredibly rewarding, both for us and the kids. We spoke about engineering challenges that arise in space, such as Thermal Stresses, Attitude Determination and Control, and Power Systems. The kids were very interested, and asked many questions about engineering and space, and I am certain that many of them are now considering a future in engineering.”

– Daniel Ryan


2 thoughts on “Outreach

    • We do accept first years and offer all sorts of tutorials to help them contribute to the team. These tutorials include C, solidworks and arduino programming.

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